English documentation on MODX RTFM


I was wondering if it would be OK with you for me start to translate documentation for Minishop2 (and later possibly pdoTools) onto the official MODX RTFM site? I feel both these extras are major contributions to the MODX ecosystem and would like to start, along with some other users, to put together documentation in the style of the official RTFM site. I would of course like your sign-off on all the technical aspects of the documentation to make sure we're not making errors.

Let me know your thoughts on this possibility,
Daniel Gibson
20 сентября 2013, 23:37
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Василий Наумкин
21 сентября 2013, 06:47
Unfortunately, I badly know English, so I can't write this documentation. The only hope is on english-speaking users of my components.

So, it is great idea, I would love to! It might be interesting.
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