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Hi there.
2 questions:
  1. I'm trying to change the resolution of thumbnails from 120x90 to 160x120. I've tried to change it in System settings but MS2 still generates 120x90.

    Even after removing existing images and re-uploading. Where can I change the setting?
  2. I need to add a charge according to the weight of the goods, but only in 2 kg increments. so, 0 — 2kg costs $3, 2.1 — 4.0kg costs $6, etc...
Joseph Mureithi
19 июля 2013, 10:02
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Joseph Mureithi
23 июля 2013, 01:11
I've been able to update the total weight on the cart by adding this to msCart snippet:
$outer['total_weight'] = ceil($outer['total_weight']/2) * 2;
The cart shows proper weight as required (increments of 2), however, the total in the Orders page is still calculated using the original weight.
I've tried updating the snipped getOrder with the formula:
$outer['weight'] = ceil($outer['weight']/2) * 2;
how can I get this right? Where do I need to add this so that the final price reflects this weight?

Thank you
    Василий Наумкин
    23 июля 2013, 08:41
    Did you know about system settings ms2_weight_format and ms2_weight_format_no_zeros?
      Joseph Mureithi
      23 июля 2013, 12:28
      Yes,I have already set it to display the correct format, if there is a decimal point. (

      With the script above, in msCart, it updates the weight correctly — for example, 2.1kg is rounded up to 4kg, like the courier demands. This works fine in the Cart page — however, when calculating the cost in the final stage, it still calculates with 2.1kg instead of 4kg.
      Where can I update so that the delivery charge uses the rounded up figure?

      I have also just tested using ms2_weight_format as [0 "." ," "] — it shows in the front-end, but still calculates the delivery cost wrongly.

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