Spelling of "Colour"??

Good day.
I'm sure there's a very simple solution for this but i can't find it:

how do I change the spelling of the word «color» to «colour»? I've already updated the Lexicon settings, but there's no difference:

The site: http://justimaging.co.za/lava1/lava-8-deluxe-tablet.html

ms2_frontend_color: Colour
ms2_frontend_colors: Colours

Please help…
Joseph Mureithi
25 апреля 2013, 13:46
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Василий Наумкин
25 апреля 2013, 18:23
After any change of lexicons you must clean site cache.

Also, if you making single-language site, you can just edit needed chunk and replace "[[%ms2_frontend_color]]" to «Color».
    Joseph Mureithi
    25 апреля 2013, 18:44
    That's one of the strange things — in my chunk, it references placeholder:


    I assumed this was for the lexicon? of not then where can i make the change?
      Василий Наумкин
      26 апреля 2013, 05:53
      Understood. It is snippet, that retrieves options from product and templates it to chunk.

      You need to edit ms2_product_color lexicon entry, than clean site cache and everything will work fine.
        Joseph Mureithi
        07 мая 2013, 23:02
        Hi Vasily.

        The project had been put on hold for a while — but I'm still having the same problem.

        I have tried everything you suggested, even searched for the word 'color' in the database using phpMyadmin, trying to find where I might have missed it, but on the front-end, it still says 'colors' — and the client insists that it must not be in American spelling.

        Please, if you have any idea where else i might check, i would be very grateful.
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